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  • Astonfields fire - second statement

    "Global Hygiene is co-operating fully with all of the relevant agencies, including the Environment Agency, to bring their investigations into the fire at our premises to a swift conclusion.

    “Global Hygiene is committed to compliance with all of its legal obligations. We have the best interests of our customers, local businesses and people at the heart of all that we do including maintaining the highest standards of environmental care.

    “We offer our sincere apologies to all of those affected by the incident and will take all necessary steps to understand how it occurred. We thank the local community, emergency services and Stafford Rangers Football Club for all that they have done to bring the fire under control and ensure that nobody was seriously hurt."

    Global Hygiene

  • Astonfields fire statement

    In regards to the fire that broke out at the Astonfields industrial estate facility, a director of Global Hygiene said:

    “The fire that broke out on the Astonfields industrial estate in Stafford on the morning of March 2, 2016, originated in a Global Hygiene building that was under construction.

    “There was one person in the building at the time the fire started and he was evacuated safely. Some of the neighbouring units on the industrial estate were also evacuated while the fire was being put out, to ensure the safety of everyone on site. We are very grateful to the fire services who responded very promptly to the emergency call.

    “It is currently too early to comment on the causes of the fire, but Global Hygiene will work closely with the fire services and police services and perform a thorough investigation in the following days. A detailed statement will follow when more information is available.”

  • What is the best oven cleaner for commercial and industrial ovens?

    Blitz Oven Gel A caustic gel oven cleaner ideal for use in commercial and industrial kitchens

    Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies specialised industrial and commercial grade oven cleaning is ideal for removing burnt on grease and carbon deposits.

    Blitz Gel Oven Cleaner is ideal for use in a commercial kitchen environment and the gel format results in great adhesion of the product to the surface to be cleaned.  It is recommended that this product is applied with a brush or a sponge to ensure even coverage.

    This product requires care when using the product and it is essential that you wear the necessary recommended protective clothing, protective eye wear and that the area is well ventilated.

    This product contains Sodium Hydroxide which is the active ingredient facilitating the removal of fats and oils.

    This product can be used on enamel and stainless steel and removes grease, carbon, animal fat, automotive oil and grime.

    It is essential that all traces of this product are removed before the item being cleaning is used again and close attention must be paid to ensure that there is no residue.

    There are many products out there that claim that they are able to remove burnt on grease and food but it is usual that in order to remove really stubborn grime, the product being used will require a corrosive ingredient to effect the cleaning process efficiently and effectively.

    Global Hygiene and Industrial Supplies have been providing cleaning and hygiene supplies to companies across the UK since 1989.  We have a large commercial customer base and this product has been one of our best selling items.  This product is particularly popular amongst commercial kitchens, nursing homes and food preparation and manufacturers.

    Always read the label.

    If you have any questions or you would like to enquire about the necessary safety precautions when using this product, please contact Global Hygiene.

  • Another Happy Customer


    Personalised Workwear Global Hygiene are now offering high quality embroidered workwear

    Professional, High Quality, Personalised Workwear

    Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies have received excellent feedback about their new embroidery service for the personalisation of workwear.

    Britannia Lock & Safe approached us as they wanted professional and high quality branded workwear.  As suppliers of Portwest workwear and PPE, we sourced high quality fleeces for our specialist embroidery.

    The customer was delighted with the results and as you can see from the picture above, the detail is exceptional - there is in excess of 63,000 stitches on the logo to the back of the fleece.

    Contact Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies for more information or a quotation.

  • Rock Salt - Order Now To Prepare For The Cold Weather

    Rock Salt from Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies is one of the best ways to prepare for a drop in temperatures.

    Rock Salt Rock Salt "The Winter Essential"

    Are you prepared for an Arctic Blast?

    The UK weather has a tendency to be rather unpredictable and there is nothing worse than being unprepared when a big freeze sets in.

    Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies have plenty of Rock Salt now in stock so order yours now to make sure you are prepared.  Don't delay!

    Rock Salt is a great solution for melting ice to ensure the risk if slipping is minimised.

    Scatter this product onto areas freshly cleared of snow to prevent ice forming and sprinkle over areas of ice to facilitate melting and adding grip to the affected surface.

    We also have Rock Oil Antifreeze available in 1Ltr and 5Ltr and screenwash.

  • New Range Of Safety Footwear Added

    NEW! Foot Protection, Safety Shoes, Fur Lined Rigger Boots, Safety Trainers and Safety Chukka Boots

    We have now added Safety Footwear, all of which complies to EN ISO 20345 and all have toe protection up to 200 joules .

    All safety footwear also has an antistatic dual density sole with an energy absorbing heel and are tested to the highest levels of slip resistance.

    Our customers love the Black Leather Chukka Boot, which also comes with a steel midsole , as it is a versatile boot which is both comfortable and functional.  Both boots are part of the Work Tough™ range.

    In addition, we also have safety trainers, safety rigger boots and a more formal safety shoe.

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser Ideal For The Removal Of Burned On Grease And Fat

    Heavy Duty Degreaser Heavy Duty Degreaser

    A popular question our customers ask is 'Can you recommend a cleaning product which will remove fats, oils and greases which will also remove burned on fat and grease with ease?'

    Removing burned on grease, oil and food can be difficult to remove and can take a significant amount of time and effort.  Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies have a vast product range and are always on hand to offer advice and expertise to ensure you have the right product with the correct application instructions.  Click here to make an enquiry.

    If you have a requirement to remove burned on grease and food, Global Hygiene Heavy Duty Degreaser is ideal.  This product has a caustic content (sodium hydroxide) which is more aggressive in dissolving greases, oils, fats, proteins and carbon.

    The surfactants in this product emulsify the mixture once the oils/greases have been dissolved to ensure there is no redeposition elsewhere.

    The caustic element can irritate skin and it is essential that protective clothing is worn.  Ideally a pair of nitrile gauntlets, protective clothing and protective eyewear.

  • Red Devil Degreaser

    Red Devil Degreaser Red Devil Degreaser

    Red Devil Degreaser

    Global Hygiene Red Devil Multi Purpose Degreaser is ideal for the removal of oils and greases.
    It is used by customers in various applications.

    It can be difficult to select the correct product when looking for cleaning and hygiene products.  Below is some information about one of our best sellers, Red Devil Degreaser.

    Red in colour, odourless and a strong alkaline cleaner, this is one of our best selling degreasers in the Global Range.

    Many industries, where metals are coated with oils and greases, require the removal of these oils and greases in order for the metals to be drilled, cut or processed in some way.

    It is often the case that steel, whether  in sheets, coils or tubes will have a protective coating of grease on the surface of the metal to ensure that the metal is protected from rusting which Red Devil Degreaser is perfect for removing.

    Our customers also use this product where they are cutting and drilling where oils and lubricants are used to prevent the blunting and cutting blades and drills, and there is a greasy residue left on the floor where this process has taken place.

    As with any cleaning solution or degreaser, contact time of the product with the affected area and dilution rate is critical to the performance of the product.  Always refer to the label for advice on how best to use the product and for any safetey precautions required.

    We also provide mops, buckets, colour coded trigger sprays and pump dispensers.

    This product is not suitable for aluminium as it will cause dulling.

  • Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner And Limescale Descaler


    Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner And Limescale Descaler

    Ever wondered 'Which product should I use as a toilet cleaner that I can also use to remove limescale from metal and ceramic?'.

    Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies have the best solution in our Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner and Descaler, which is also one of our best selling products.  A true customer favourite.

    This toilet cleaner is considered to be a safer toilet cleaner as it forms two water soluble salts of calcium and ferric iron when it is broken down.

    Sulphamic toilet cleaner from Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies has a deep blue colour and a fresh clean scent.  Organic matter is dissolved by the blue solution which is also able to remove limescale build up when left for longer contact periods.

    One of the best ways to ensure you get the best from your toilet cleaner is to flush the toilet first to ensure when the solution is squeezed under the rim, there is more even distribution of the product and you will more than likely have to use less product.

    Global Hygiene are a leading wholesale supplier of cleaning chemicals, cleaning comsumables, paper towels and saftey workware and PPE.  As one of the eight divisions of Global Group, Global Hygiene have been supplying companies all over the UK since 1989.


  • Blue Centrefeed 2 Ply 150m Pack of 6 Rolls


    Blue Centreefeed 2 Ply 150m Pack of 6 Rolls is now on special offer with Global Hygiene & Industrial Supplies.

    Our high quality blue paper roll is both durable and absorbent making it the perfect wiping solution for many industrial and commercial requirements.

    Bulk order discounts also available.

    Many of our customers use the roll as a standalone product on the shop floor or in the workshop, however we aslo have the centrefeed dispenser available.

    Blue centrefeed roll is mainly used in high traffic areas to absorb spillages quickly and effectivley.

    This is an extremely versatile product and is a favourite with many of our customers making it one of our best selling items.

    Buy now to avoid disappointment.

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